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NUSF-99 Applications

NUSF-99.08 Windstream

NUSF-99.09 CenturyLink

NUSF-99.36 Windstream - Eastern area of Lincoln Project

NUSF-99.53 Windstream Nebraska City RL07 Exchange

NUSF-99.57 Windstream Elmwood RL07 Exchange

NUSF-99.59 Windstream Nebraska City RL02 Exchange

NUSF-99.60 Windstream Murdock RL04 Exchange

NUSF-99.61 Windstream - Bennet RL05

NUSF-99.62 Windstream - Panama RL01

NUSF-99.63 Windstream - Bennet RL08

NUSF-99.64 Windstream - Panama RL03

NUSF-99.65 - Windstream Raymond Exchange RL02

NUSF-99.67 Windstream - Raymond Exchange RL04

NUSF-99.68 Windstream - Raymond Exchange RL06

NUSF-99.73 CenturyLink - Mitchell Cook Road and Exp Farm Rd

NUSF-99.74 CenturyLink - Mitchell CR 13 and CR F Road

NUSF-99.75 CenturyLink - Mitchell CR A and Highway 29

NUSF-99.76 CenturyLink - Mitchell CR B and Highway 29

NUSF-99.77 CenturyLink - Mitchell CR H and South Road

NUSF-99.78 CenturyLink - Mitchell Exp Farm Road and Sunflower Road

NUSF-99.79 CenturyLink Mitchell Road and South Road

NUSF-99.80 CenturyLink - Mitchell Swedell Road and CR D

NUSF-99.81 Windstream Crete RL05

NUSF-99.82 Windstream Crete RL06

NUSF-99.83 Windstream Crete RL07

NUSF-99.84 Windstream Crete RL09

NUSF-99.85 Windstream Crete RL11

NUSF-99.86 Windstream Denton RL02

NUSF-99.87 Windstream Denton RL04

NUSF-99.88 Windstream Dorchester CO

NUSF-99.89 Windstream Dorchester RL05

NUSF-99.90 Windstream Milford RL01

NUSF-99.91 Windstream Milford RL02

NUSF-99.92 Windstream Milford RL04

NUSF-99.93 Windstream Milford RL06

NUSF-99.94 Windstream Milford RL09

NUSF-99.95 Windstream Palmyra CO

NUSF-99.96 Windstream Palmyra RL02

NUSF-99.97 Windstream Palmyra RL03

NUSF-99.98 Windstream Pleasant Dale RL03

NUSF-99.99 Windstream Pleasant Dale RL05

NUSF-99.100 Windstream Seward RL01

NUSF-99.101 Windstream Seward RL03

NUSF-99.102 Windstream Seward RL05

NUSF-99.103 Windstream Seward RL08

NUSF-99.104 Windstream Seward RL09

NUSF-99.105 Windstream Waco RL01

NUSF-99.106 Windstream Waco RL02

NUSF-99.107 Windstream Waverly RL04

NUSF-99.108 Windstream Waverly RL06

NUSF-99.109 Windstream Waverly RL07

NUSF-99.110 Windstream Wilber RL01

NUSF-99.111 Windstream Wilber RL03

NUSF-99.112 Windstream Wilber RL06

NUSF-99.113 Windstream York RL02

NUSF-99.114 Windstream York RL03

NUSF-99.115 Windstream York RL04

NUSF-99.116 Windstream York RL05

NUSF-99.117 Windstream York RL06

NUSF-99.118 Windstream Octavia IF

NUSF-99.119 Windstream Octavia 1G

NUSF-99.120 Windstream Seward 9F

NUSF-99.121 Windstream Wymore COA

NUSF-99.122 Windstream Yutan 6F

NUSF-99.123 Windstream Lincoln FW RL04

NUSF-99.124 Windstream Lincoln FW RL07

NUSF-99.125 Windstream Juniata NE

NUSF-99.126 - Windstream Hallam 9E

NUSF-99.127 - Windstream Ashland 3B

NUSF-99-128 United Telephone Company of the West - Minatare

NUSF-99.129 CenturyLink Elkhorn 104-18

Application Notice - Daily Record

Application Notice - Omaha World Herald

NUSF-99.129 Application

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