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NUSF Open Dockets

Date Opened/
Atty Description Status Comments
NUSF-2, PO #12 7/27/2021   Rhoades SD To establish guidelines for the administration of NE Telephone Assistance Program Pending Comments due September 21, 2021; Reply Comments due October 5, 2021
NUSF-32.19 7/12/2022   Schram TM Seeking to conduct an inquiry into failure by inContact, Inc., to comply with
Commission Rules or Orders and impose administrative fine.
Pending Sustaining Show Cause & Assess Civil Penalties
NUSF-32.21 9/19/2023     SK Conduct inquiry into failure by certain companies, to comply with Commission
Rules or Order and impose administrative fine
Pending Initiating Show Cause & Setting hearing
for November 7, 2023 at 11:00 am/CHR
NUSF-37.438 10/24/2023     JS Cullen Robbins, Director, Complainant, v. Comtech 21, LLC, Respondent, for late-
filing of the NUSF worksheets/payments
NUSF-57, PO #8 6/27/2006   Mirch SK Seeking to administer the Nebraska Telehealth Program Pending Filing deadline extended to June 27, 2024
NUSF-91 8/13/2013     SD To increase broadband adoption among low-income consumers through the
development of a Nebraska broadband telephone assistance program
Pending Held in abeyance
NUSF-92, PO #14 4/19/2023     SK To administer the NUSF Broadband Program Pending  
NUSF-99, PO #2       SK To administer the Universal Service Fund High-Cost Program Pending Price-Cap Carriers file project selections due 4-1-2024
NUSF-108, PO #7 10/19/2021     SK Seeking to make adjustments to the high-cost distribution mechanism and revise
reporting requirements


NUSF-131 6/29/2021   Schram SD To establish reverse auction procedures and requirements Pending Bids begin 1-22-2024
NUSF-133 3/15/2022   Watermeier SD To implement standards of verification of broadband service coverage/speed data Pending Deadline for companies required to submit speed testing data is July 31st of each calendar year
NUSF-139 8/29/2023   Schram SK

Consider modification to high-cost distribution of NUSF in light of federal/state
infrastructure grants

Pending Workshop is scheduled for 3-6-2024 at 1:00 pm in the Commission Hearing Room, Lincoln; a Hearing has been scheduled for 3-20-2024 at 9:00 am in the Commission Hearing Room, Lincoln


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