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Transportation Department Consumer Information

All passenger carriers, household goods movers, and transportation network companies that operate in the State of Nebraska are required to be certified to operate or be otherwise exempted from the certification by the Nebraska Public Service Commission. The Transportation Department will investigate complaints from the public  and carriers regarding service quality, rates and charges, and safety of certificated or permitted carriers, as well as investigate persons or companies transporting passengers or household goods for hire as an unlicensed and uninsured carrier.

Protect Your Move

Moving? Click here for information from the Federal Motor Carrier Safety Administration designed to help "Protect You Move"

Is my passenger carrier or household goods mover authorized to provide service?

Click here for a list of authorized companies or call the PSC at 402.371.3101, to check. The PSC can provide information on whether the company is authorized to provide service in your area, is properly insured, and is charging you the correct rate.

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