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PSC Meeting/Hearing Information Page

Online Decorum for Participants

If you are an attorney, a witness or a representative of a regulated entity, please observe the following online decorum:

  • Connect early. Someone will be available to help test and troubleshoot.
  • Identify yourself when speaking, especially over the phone.
  • Mute yourself when it's not your turn to speak.
  • Try to minimize background noise, such as typing and shuffling papers.
  • If you're on video, try to sit with a light source in front of you and not behind you.

Joining By Application:

Click here: PSC Webex

Members of the public do not need to identify themselves may use "anonymous" as their name and "a@b.com" as their email address.

Also available for smartphones:

Using Closed Captioning:

Users wishing to view meetings or hearings with closed captioning, may need to click on the CC button in the bottom left-corner of the Webex window. The icon is shown below for reference.

Closed Captioning Icon  

Joining by Telephone:

Dial in to 408-418-9388 and use access code 146 273 5624.

Most smartphone users may click below for automated dialing:


Users joining as audio-only will be anonymous, unless they choose to identify themselves.

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