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Natural Gas

The Commission regulates rates and service quality of investor-owned natural gas public utilities since 2003. Nebraska has two investor-owned jurisdictional utilities providing natural gas services, Black Hills Energy and NorthWestern Energy. As natural gas utilities are natural monopolies, meaning there are no direct competitors due to the costly nature of the infrastructure, the Commission’s regulatory oversight steps in as a substitute for competition while maintaining the efficiency of the company.


Due to the recent increase in the COVID-19 virus, the Nebraska Public Service Commission (PSC) staff, including the Natural Gas Department, may be working off-site periodically. Therefore, we ask that all filings, if at all possible be submitted electronically @  Exhibit and attachments, including transmission line application exhibits and maps, should be in a format that we can zoom in and review them accurately.  If statutes require the PSC to receive a copy of a filing via certified mail, we do still  need that as we cannot waive this statutory requirement. We also urge you to use the Commission's system for online remittance of any fees @ 

The Commission will have limited access to mail during this time. If you file items via mail, there may be a delay before we are able to process your filings. If you have questions, please email us @   We appreciate your patience and cooperation as we all work together to stay well.

Our philosophy is to work collaboratively with jurisdictional natural gas distribution companies and their customers to ensure safe, efficient, reliable and affordable natural gas service in Nebraska.

Nichole Mulcahy has served as the Director of the Natural Gas, Pipeline and Transmission Lines Department since 2017. Ms. Mulcahy has been with the Commission since 2005 serving as Legal Counsel to multiple Departments within the Commission including the Natural Gas Department. Ms. Mulcahy worked in the Nebraska Legislature prior to coming to the Commission.

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