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Public Information

The Public Information Office manages public information pertaining to the Commission and its proceedings through news releases, media relations, social media (Twitter, Facebook) and community presentations.

Information for the Media             

Members of the media should contact the Media & Communications Manager with questions or to obtain information pertaining to the Commission's regulatory process, background, and clarifying information related to Orders as well as all other general information.

If you contact another PSC Department, you may be referred back to the Public Information Office.

The quasi-judicial nature of the Commission precludes comments on matters currently before the body; however, questions pertaining to statutory deadlines for docket decisions, procedures, and background can be satisfied.

All media inquiries should be directed to:

 Deb Collins
 Media & Communications Manager
 Office: 402.471.0226
 Cell: 402.430.5640

Public Records Requests

If you wish to make a request for public records, please provide as much information as you can regarding the records you are seeking.

Public Records Requests should be made in writing and can be submitted the following ways:

  • Email to psc.records@nebraska.gov 
  • Fax to Nebraska Public Service Commission in care of: Records Officer at 402.471.0254
  • Mail to: Nebraska Public Service Commission
                Records Officer Public Records Request
                300 The Atrium, 1200 N Street
                P.O. Box 94927
                Lincoln, NE 68709-4927

Pursuant to Nebraska Law, written requests for records are processed within four business days. If a request is extensive or difficult to process within the four-day period, the Nebraska Public Service Commission will provide a written explanation, a good faith estimated completion date, and an estimated charge for requested records. You will then have an opportunity to modify or prioritize your request.

The Nebraska Public Service Commission can charge a fee for records requested, if time spent preparing a response exceeds four hours. If the amount of the request exceeds $50.00 the Commission may require a deposit before a request is fulfilled.

Commission Proceedings

A schedule of Commission proceedings can be found here

Hearing Room Proceedings

Commission cases are heard in the PSC Hearing Room (unless directed otherwise) located in the PSC Office. These proceedings are open to the public; however, only parties involved in the cases are allowed to participate. Members of  the media may attend and video/photography is permitted, with certain restrictions pertaining to the areas of the room that can be accessed without interrupting the proceedings. It is advised that members of the media arrive at least 15 minutes before scheduled proceedings (unless otherwise directed) to set up equipment unobtrusively.


Proceedings may also be live-streamed from the hearing room, and the public is invited to watch online. If a proceeding is to be live-streamed, it will be notated on the Commission Calendar.

The Nebraska Public Service Commission is subject to the Nebraska Open Meetings Act.


Requests for transcripts should be directed to the court reporter used by the Commission. Information on the court reporter of record can be obtained by contacting the Media & Communications Manager

News Releases

Find current and archived news releases issued by the PSC here

Public Service Announcements (PSAs)

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Commission Newsletters

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