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NG911 Information & 911 Service System Advisory Committee

NG911 GraphicNext Generation 911 (NG911) is a secure Internet Protocol (IP) based system, utilizing high speed data connectivity capable of receiving information to include voice, text messages, pictures and videos. A statewide  NG911 system once implemented will also allow for seamless information sharing between citizens and 911 centers.

In 2018, state lawmakers passed LB 993 approving the 911 Service System, Next Generation 911 (NG911) Master Plan. With the approval of the NG911 Master Plan the role of the PSC shifted from administration of the E911 fund to the implementation and operation of a statewide NG911 system. A 16-member 911 Service System Advisory Committee was appointed and will play a key role in the transition to a statewide system. The Committee is tasked with making recommendations to the Commission on the implementation, coordination, operation, management, maintenance and funding related to NG911 in Nebraska.

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PSAP Regionalization

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PSAP CyberSecurity Information

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Across the Country and here in Nebraska agencies and organizations are being subjected to ransomware attacks. As we begin our transition to Next Generation 911 this threat will only increase. It is critical that we become vigilant about Cyber Security.
The State 911 Department through a collaborative effort with our partners at the Cybersecurity & Infrastructure Security Agency (CISA) and the Nebraska Emergency Management Agency (NEMA) have created an informational poster on Nebraska Ransomware Awareness.The downloadable poster is designed to be customized for your center.
Nebraska Ransomware Poster

If you would like additional information the National 911 Program has compiled a list of resources and guidance documents on Cybersecurity and the CISA Cybersecurity Hub is another resource to help strengthen security at your agency.

Georgraphic Information Systems (GIS)

Click Here for information related to NG-911 and Geographic Information Systems (GIS)

Next Generation 911 Master Plan

In April, 2018, LB 993 was signed into law, authorizing the PSC to proceed with the 911 Service System Act, Next Generation 911 Master plan for the implementation of NG911 services in Nebraska.

  911 Service System- NG911 Master PlanNG911MasterPlan

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911 Service System Advisory Committee

The 911 Service System Advisory Committee, created by the passage of LB 993 will make recommendations to the PSC on matters concerning the implementation, coordination, operation, management and funding of the 911 Service System as the state transitions to Next Generation 911.

The Advisory Committee consists of 14 members appointed by the Commission will serve for a term of three-years. The members represent public safety agencies (4), county officials or employees (2), municipal officials or employees (2), telecommunications industry (2), Public Safety Answering Points (2), Nebraska Association of County Officials (1), League of Nebraska Municipalities (1). The State 911 Director and the Office of the Chief Information Officer CEO also sit on the committee. For a total of 16 members.

A listing of Advisory Committee members is below:                                                           




Michael Bauer Norfolk Public Safety/Law Enforcement
Troy Shoemaker Alliance Public Safety/Fire
Stan Shearer Omaha Public Safety/EMS
Jon Rosenlund Grand Island Public Safety/Emergency Mgt.
Neil Miller Kearney/Buffalo Co. County Official
William (Bill) Muldoon Papillion- Sarpy Co. County Official
Shelly Holzerland Fremont City Official
Carla Zarybnicky Beatrice City Official
Kathy Allen Omaha-Douglas Co. PSAP
Brent Lottman Auburn- Nemaha Co. PSAP
Jon Osborne Omaha         Telecommunications
Brian Thompson Lincoln         Telecommunications
Randy Obermier York NACO
Jessica Loos Lincoln LONM
David Collett Lincoln OCIO- Rep.
David Sankey Lincoln State 911 Director


911SSAC-February 21 Meeting PowerPoint

911 Service System Advisory Committee Application

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