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The Nebraska Public Service Commission is looking to fill a number of positions in the coming months as it works to bring broadband to all Nebraskans.
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Taxicabs Certificates of Authority




Current Rates
Comstock Corporation dba Action Cab 4/2/2001 B-1517 B-1517 Rates
AA Cabbies dba Siouxland Taxi 5/19/2015 B-1902 B-1902 Rates
Action Taxi & Limo, Inc. 8/3/2004 B-1582 B-1582 Rates
B.J.Z., Inc. dba Checker Cab Company 4/3/2012 B-1433 B-1433 Rates
City Taxi, Inc. 11/8/2016 B-1801 B-1801 Rates
Mary A. Saighman dba E & M Yellow Cab Company 4/3/2001 B-1546 B-1546 Rates
Fremont Cab Services, LLC 10/10/2007 B-1702 B-1702 Rates
Kearney Cab Company, LLC dba Kearney Cab Company 8/27/1996 B-1402 B-1402 Rates
Jim Blundell dba MG Taxi Services 8/9/2005 B-1665 B-1665 Rates
Mike's Capital Cab 10/8/2019 B-1999 B-1999 Rates
Born to Run, Inc. dba Plattsmouth Cab Co. 10/28/1997 B-1446 B-1446 Rates
Ronald D. Allgood dba Tree City Cab 6/27/1994 B-1320 B-1320 Rates
WHC NE, LLC dba Airport Transportation and Z Trip 6/12/2018 B-1969 B-1969 Rates
WHC NE, LLC dba Cornhusker Cab Company and Z Trip 6/12/2018 B-1970 B-1970 Rates
WHC NE, LLC dba Happy Cab and Z Trip 6/12/2018 B-1971 B-1971 Rates
 WHC NE, LLC dba Checker Cab Company and Z Trip 6/12/2018 B-1972 B-1972 Rates
WHC NE, LLC dba Yellow Cab Company and Z Trip 6/12/2018 B-1973 B-1973 Rates
WHC NE, LLC dba Safeway Cabs and Z Trip 6/12/2018 B-1974 B-1974 Rates
Yellow Cab Beatrice dba Leisure Taxi 8/12/2014 B-1874 B-1874 Rates
Catch a Ride Taxi and Transportation LLC 3/7/2023 B-2064  
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