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The Nebraska Public Service Commission is looking to fill a number of positions in the coming months as it works to bring broadband to all Nebraskans.
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Open Class Certificates of Authority




Beautiful Life Family Home Care 2/4/2020 B-1976
Berniklau Education Solutions, Inc. dba Berniklau Education Solutions Team 1/20/1999 B-1489
Eastside Transportation, LLC 3/13/2023 B-2065
Easy Car Rental Co., Inc. dba Budget Car and Truck Rental 11/22/2010 B-1585
Blair Blue Community Transportation 1/26/2021 B-1958
Camelot Transportation 11/3/2015 B-1802
Capeace, Inc. dba Commuter Express 11/21/2011 B-1800
Careem Transportation, LLC 10/11/2017 B-1948
CareOne Transport Systems, LLC dba CareOne 9/28/2021 B-2029
J.A.I. 1 LLC dba Caring Hearts Transportation 8/18/2015 B-1887
Caring People of Sudan 10/27/2009 B-1714
Champion Homes of Hastings, LLC 9/25/2009 B-1705
Community Alternatives Nebraska, Inc. 8/24/2010 B-1774
Compassion Care Senior Services, LLC dba Compassion Care Medical Transport 1/11/2022 B-2018
Dak Family Transportation LLC 1/7/2020 B-1993
Dashabout Roadrunner, Inc. 8/1/2017 B-1375
Dillard-Lewis, Inc. dba Highland Express Shuttle Service 5/25/2021 B-2021
Eastside Transportation LLC 3/13/2023 B-2065
FADI, LLC 9/28/2021 B-2025
Handivan Transports, Inc. 5/14/2013 B-1808
Harmony Transportation Services 3/10/2015 B-1878
Hope Park Transport LLC 3/24/2020 B-1984
Just in Time Medical Transportation 1/18/2023 B-2019
Legacy Services Transportation 1/18/2023 B-2044
Leisure Limousine & Sedan, Inc. 3/28/2017 B-1718
Leisure Party Bus & Limousine, Inc. 6/6/2016 B-1928
LerRenzo, LLC 2/22/2023 B-2050
Live Well Home Care, LLC 4/9/2019 B-1992
Lifeline Transportation, Inc. 5/11/2021 B-2022
Lunjini Medical Transportation 1/20/2021 B-1956
Madonna Rehabilitation Hospital 6/18/2013 B-1836
Mallay Transport LLC 4/26/2022 B-2026
Medics At Home, Inc. 8/14/2012 B-1817
Mid-Plains Center for Behavioral Health Care Services 8/29/2017 B-1926
Midwest Medivan Transport Company, LLC 10/4/2016 B-1927
Midwest Special Services, Inc. 3/13/2007 B-1351
Mighty Care Medical Transport LLC 3/7/2023 B-2052
Mike's Transportation Services LLC 1/31/2020 B-1998
Mojo Mobility, LLC 10/27/2019 B-1966
National Arbor Day Foundation 6/15/2010 B-1606
Nebraska Excellent Health Transportation Services 5/5/2020 B-1996
Nebraska Urban Indian Health Coalition, Inc. 10/4/1994 B-1380
Ocean Enterprise, LLC d/b/a Oceans Drive Transportation 2/19/2020 B-2002
Omaha Omaha Handicap Transportation Services 8/26/2014 B-1876
Big A Holdings, LLC dba OMALiNK 1/10/2017 B-1942
O.U.R. Homes 04/07/2010 B-1750
Panda Transportation, Inc. 7/10/2012 B-1738
Papio Transport Service, Inc. 4/21/2009 B-1733
Prescribed Transportation LLC 3/29/2022 B-2049
Pride Ridge Home Care dba Ridge Medical Transport 8/27/2021 B-2030
Prosperity Properties, Inc. 10/19/2021 B-2015
Recommended Care Solutions, LLC dba MedCare Mobility 10/16/2019 B-1986
Samuel Safe Ride LLC 8/30/2019 B-1983
Safe & Reliable Transportation Services
Safe Journey Transit LLC 4/12/2022 B-2031
Serving Nebraska Health Transportation Agency 6/30/2020 B-1995
Shiloh Place, LLC 2/23/2022 B-1888
Jerry Spady Chevrolet GMC Cadillac 10/22/2013 B-1306
SNP Consulting Services 9/29/2020 B-1994
Standfast Transportation 5/25/2010 B-1747
Stutheit Transportation Services, Inc. 5/5/2015 B-1897
TAA, LLC dba BIG Premier Limousine 12/15/2020 B-2014
Tender Advocates, LLC 5/24/2022 B-2041
Triumph Transportation 11/13/2013 B-1798
Unity Transportation Services, Inc. 3/22/2011 B-1781
VIP Limobus, LLC 8/20/2019 B-1641
WADD I, LLC dba Wings of Love, LLC 4/27/2010 B-1745
WHC NE, LLC dba Z Trip dba Airport Transportation 6/12/2018 B-1969
360 Transportation Services LLC 2/28/2023 B-2061
9 Line Medical Solutions, LLC dba 9 Line Med 10/6/2020 B-2010
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