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Vehicle Registration

Nebraska Revised Statute section 75-305 requires all regulated motor carriers to pay an annual fee to the Commission for each motor vehicle operated.  The annual fee is due and payable on or before January 1 and is delinquent March 1 each year.  The same fee is also due when registering a new vehicle for intrastate operations. 

The current fee is $50.00 per motor vehicle or $120.00 per truck-trailer or tractor-trailer combination, payable to the Commission.  Those carriers that register motor vehicles under Nebraska Revised Statute section 60-3,198 are assessed a fee that is the lesser of the proportion of the fleet registered or the number of motor vehicles owned and actually used in intrajurisdiction business within the state. 

Upon receipt of complete vehicle registration and payment, the Commission will issue one license plate and current registration year sticker to be affixed to the plate.  Payments can be made through the Commission online payment system or by mail if mailing in vehicle registration requests. 

Vehicle registrations can be requested by completing this form and filing your request either by email to psc.motorfilings@nebraska.gov, or by mail to the following address:


Nebraska Public Service Commission

P.O. Box 94927

Lincoln, NE 68509-4927


No incomplete registrations or registrations without required insurance on file will be processed.


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