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The Nebraska Public Service Commission is looking to fill a number of positions in the coming months as it works to bring broadband to all Nebraskans.
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Limousine Certificates of Authority




Accent Chauffeured Transportation 4/22/2014 B-1867
Action Taxi & Limo, Inc. 8/3/2004 B-1582
Black Diamond S & S 5/16/2017 B-1951
Cornbelt Developement dba Travel Plus Limousines 8/12/2009 B-1719
Extreme Limousine, Inc. dba A Limousine Service 10/30/2001 B-1561
Flatland Rentals, LLC 8/16/2022 B-2043
Leisure Limousine & Sedan, Inc. 3/28/2017 B-1718
Leisure Party Bus & Limousine, Inc. 6/6/2016 B-1928
Limousine Gonzalez 5/25/2021 B-2020
LTC Holdings LLC 8/30/2022 B-2051
Nebraska Metro Transportation 1/22/2014 B-1861
Night Life Limousine, LLC 8/16/2011 B-1757
No Prob Limo LLC 12/15/2020 B-2017
Memories Limousine Service, LLC 5/10/2022 B-2042
My Princess' Limo Service, LLC 3/24/2020 B-2006
Limo One, Inc. dba Old Market Limousine 9/21/1998 B-1322
Big A Holdings, LLC dba OMALiNK 1/10/2017 B-1942
Darin P. VanNutter dba Prestige Limousine 3/11/2008 B-1688
Price's Party Patrol, LLC 6/12/2014 B-1797
Special Day Limousine, LLC 4/25/2012 B-1807
TAA, LLC dba BIG Premier Limousine 12/15/2020 B-2014
Tailored Dreams Limousine and Sedan Service 5/5/2015 B-1799
Tri-City Limousine Service 7/3/2002 B-1567
VIP Limousine, LLC 8/20/2019 B-1640
WHC NE LLC Z Trip dba Airport Transportation dba Van GO and My Sedan 6/12/2018 B-1969
Larry Schmidt dba Your Own Limousine 11/5/2013 B-1771
Your Own Limousine Lite, LLC 7/19/2016 B-1930
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