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Can I pay for separate fund worksheets separately (for example, can I pay my TRS remittance separately from my NUSF remittance)?

Users can file and pay all required worksheets at once or select them separately during the checkout process to allow use of different payment methods if needed.

What are the options for paying the surcharge amounts due?

Once you select what worksheets you would like to pay and go the checkout page you will have to enter a routing number and account number to make the payment, which will process as an ACH.  You also have the option of paying with a Gov2Go payment account, if you have an account setup.

How do I setup a Gov2Go Pay account?

Go to www.nebraska.gov/gov2gopay/ to setup a Gov2Go Pay account.

Am I required to have a Gov2Go Pay account?

You are not required to have a Gov2Go Pay account to make remittance payments.  A Gov2Go Pay account will allow you to save your payment information so you do not have to enter it each month to pay your remittance records.  The Gov2Go Pay sign in is connected to a user, not a specific company, so you would also have the ability to store multiple forms of payment for use if you file for multiple companies.

My company requires a Block ID or Originator ID to make these ACH payments, where can I obtain this information?               

Please contact our office toll free at 1-800-526-0017 (Nebraska only) or at 402-471-3101.

My treasury department is handling payments, how can they pay the surcharge?

You should create a user account in CDB for the individual in your treasury department that will handle the payment. They will be able to use that sub-user account to login into the website and proceed to payment.

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