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Logins, Passwords, and Registration

How do I get a login and a password for the remittance website?

Each separate legal entity is required to create a CDB account at http://www.nebraska.gov/subscriber/#. Once you create an account you can subscribe to the Nebraska Public Service Commission Remittance application and set up multiple users if necessary.

Is there a way to find out if we already have a CDB account setup for our company?

Please contact Nebraska.gov support at ne-support@egov.com or at 800-747-8177 to determine if a CDB account exists for your company.

How do I reset my password?

You are required to reset your password by going to the site, entering your username, and selecting ‘forgot password,’ then simply follow the steps to do so.  You do not need to contact our office to reset your password.  If your primary account user has left the company and you need new primary account information, please contact Nebraska.gov support at 800-747-8177.

I have multiple users/teams/departments that need access to the website.  Can I have more than one username for individuals within my company?

After you create a CDB account (Nebraska.gov/subscriber), multiple sub-user accounts can be created.  Every individual user must have their own sign on information.  The primary account user manages all sub-user accounts in the system.

If I file for my company and a sister company or subsidiary, can I just have one sign-on?

Username and passwords are linked to the NE code/company.  Each separate legal entity must have their own NE code and their own CDB account.  If you file for multiple companies, you will have to use the sign-in information for each company as you complete the worksheets.

I am newly operating in Nebraska, what steps do I need to take to file worksheets?

If you are filing for the first time in the system, you will need to contact our office to receive a packet with all required information to set up the primary account for your company.  Please contact our office at psc.nusf@nebraska.gov to receive instructions on getting set up to file remittance worksheets.

How do I set up my user account if I am a 3rd party filer for multiple companies?

You will need to contact the telecommunications company for which you are filing worksheets to create a sub-user account allowing you to file worksheets for them.  If you file for multiple companies, you will be required to have sub-user accounts set up with each individual telecommunications company.

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