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Filing Worksheets - General Question

What worksheets can be filed in this system?

Companies can file the required remittance worksheets for the Nebraska Universal Service Fund (NUSF), the Wireless 911 fund and the Telecommunications Relay System Fund (TRS).  PLEASE NOTE: THIS SITE IS NOT FOR FILING ANY LANDLINE 911 SURCHARGES REMITTED TO COUNTIES OR MUNICIPALITIES.

When are worksheets due?       

Please refer to the table below for filing deadlines by fund and filing frequency



Due Date -
All Remittances



15th Day after end of Data Period



15th Day after end of Data Period



60 Days after end of Data Period



30 Days after end of Data Period



30 Days after end of Data Period



July 30


What filing frequency option pertains to our company?

NUSF: Generally, all telecommunications companies shall remit the NUSF surcharge monthly, except with respect to prepaid wireless revenues. If a company who in good faith estimates the NUSF annual remittance obligation to be less than $1,400 per year, the company may elect to remit the NUSF surcharge on a quarterly basis. However, companies must notify the Commission of their intent to change from a monthly to a quarterly remittance filer and vice versa as the Commission must initiate that change for the carrier in the remittance system. NUSF remittance worksheets are due no later than the 15th day following the end of the remittance period. If the 15th day falls on a weekend or holiday, the remittance worksheet is due the next business day.

911: Each wireless carrier, except with respect to prepaid wireless revenues, shall remit the 911 surcharge to the Commission monthly no later than 60 days from the last day of the month.

TRS: Generally, all telecommunications companies shall remit the TRS surcharge monthly, except with respect to prepaid wireless revenues. If a company has TRS remittance obligation of less than $25 per month, the company may elect to remit on either a quarterly or annual basis. However, companies must notify the Commission in writing if electing to remit quarterly or annually prior to the remittance period. TRS remittance worksheets are due 30 days after the end of the remittance period. If the 30th day falls on a weekend or holiday, the remittance worksheet is due the next business day.

How do I know if I have worksheets due that have not been filed?

After a company signs into the system, they will see a listing of worksheets that are due and worksheets that have previously been filed.  The system will create worksheets immediately following the data period.  For example, if you are setup to file NUSF on a monthly basis, then on July 1st a new NUSF worksheet will appear for the June data period labeled as incomplete.  To complete the worksheet, click on the blue edit button in the right column, complete all required information, and click save at the bottom.  You must then select the record and complete checkout to finish submission.  Your remittance worksheet is not final until payment has been made.

Why don’t I see an option to file for a fund that I believe I am required to file for – for example, I file NUSF but also need to file for 911 but have no record to do so?

Please contact our office so we can review the company details to ensure the system is creating the correct worksheets for your company.

What do the different statuses mean?  (Incomplete, Pending, Submitted, Revision)?

Incomplete – You have a remittance record due and no information has been completed.

Pending – You have started filling out (or completed) the remittance record but it has not gone through the payment process.

Submitted – The remittance record was completed, and paid.

Revision – You filed a revised remittance record for a data period.  (If you filed a revision, this is the only record for that data period that you can go into in the event that data period requires further revision.)

How early can I file my remittance worksheets?

The system will automatically place worksheets due in your tray on your main page.  This will occur as soon as the data period ends.  For example:  A monthly filed NUSF worksheet for the data period of April 2019 would include information from April 1 – April 30, so on May 1, 2019, a worksheet for the April 2019 data period will appear in your tray and be listed as ‘incomplete’.

When are late fees assessed? Can I request a waiver of the late fee?

The system will automatically assess a late fee if you are filing a worksheet passed the due date.  Department policy does grant companies the ability to request a waiver of a late fee on a one-time basis.  If you have not yet used your one-time waiver ability, you will have an option to check a box on your worksheet to request the one-time waiver.  If you have already used your one-time waiver request, department policy does not allow for more than one waiver of a late fee per company, and you will not see a box on your worksheet to request a waiver.  Please review the NPSC Late Remittance Policy for details. If you have extenuating circumstances, you can contact our office to inquire on the ability to request from the Commission a waiver based on extreme circumstances.  Please note that the review threshold for additional waivers is a high bar, however the Commission has the ability to approve additional late fee waivers for situations that are extreme and completely outside of the control of the company.

Can I see previously submitted worksheets?

Yes, previously submitted worksheets will show up on the company landing page.  Companies are able to see the most recently submitted worksheet for each data period.  Each time you file a worksheet in the system you should print a copy of the worksheet for your records.

How can I filter my data?

Companies have the option to filter by status of filing, fund type or by year.  Select the drop down in the section you want to filter by and chose how you want to filter the data and click the filter button.  For all filters to be cleared, each section must be set to the “select a Status/Fund/Year” and click the filter button.

I misreported a previous month, what do I do to correct it?

You will need to file a revised record for the data period that was misreported by locating the record and selecting the blue revise link in the right hand column.  You may then change the information and click save at the bottom of the screen.  On your main screen you will now see the two records for that particular data period. Regardless of whether the revision results in a credit or an amount due, the revised worksheet must be taken through the checkout process to be considered submitted. If further revisions are required to a data period, you can only revise the most recently submitted record.

NOTE: Director approval is required when a revised NUSF worksheet produces a variance of more than 10% from the originally reported information.

I need to file a revision. Do I have to take it through checkout separately or can I combine it with regular worksheets?

You can check out a revised worksheet at any time and you can combine it with other worksheets. If you owe additional amount on a revision, it will be added to the total due at checkout. However, if a revision results in a credit, this credit will be applied to the next payment. If you want to use a revision credit right away, then checkout revisions resulting in a credit first, before paying for any other worksheets.

I filled out my data and the bottom of the worksheet says, “section not complete” or “invalid input.”

All fields must be filled out to complete a worksheet.  If you have nothing to report for a specific line, then you must enter a zero.  Also, you cannot enter an adjustment for an amount greater that what you have due.  For example, if you owe $50 prior to completing the uncollectible/adjustment line and you attempt to enter $60 for uncollectible/adjustment the system will not allow you to reduce your total assessment due to an amount below $0.

Can I pay my remittance due by check?

You cannot pay remittances by check.  You are required to pay the amounts due through the checkout page in the system.  Your remittance is not considered submitted until it is taken through the checkout process and any amount due is paid.

Can I pay my administrative fines with a check?

If administrative fines have been assessed as a result of a Commission proceeding, it will appear during checkout.  You can choose to pay the administrative fines with your ACH or click a box to note that you will be paying it by check.

I need to file a worksheet for a data period prior to April 2019, how do I do so?

You can file worksheets or worksheet revisions for data periods prior to April 2019 by obtaining the pdf/excel electronic copy from the Commission via email at psc.nusf@nebraska.gov.  Data periods after April 2019 must be filed in the new remittance system.

Where do I include prepaid revenues?

Prepaid wireless revenues should not be included on worksheets filed in this system.  Per Nebraska Revised Statute § 86-903, prepaid revenues for NUSF, 911, and TRS are to be collected at the point of sale and filed with the Department of Revenue.  Please see here for more information:


What number can I call if I have a question?

You can reach our office at 402-471-3101.

How do I print a copy of my remittance worksheet?

You can print a copy of your remittance worksheet by pulling it up and using the print selection through your internet browser.

Will a copy of the remittance worksheet be e-mailed to me after I file?

Yes, an e-mail will be sent to the e-mail address on file once the worksheet has been completed and payment has been made.

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