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The Nebraska Public Service Commission is looking to fill a number of positions in the coming months as it works to bring broadband to all Nebraskans.
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Broadband Bridge Applications Received

ALLO Communications - Davey

ALLO Communications - Holland

ALLO Communications - Martell

ALLO Communications - Panama

ALLO Communications - Roca

ALLO Communications - Schuyler

ALLO Communications - Sprague

ALLO Communications - Syracuse

ALLO Communications - Whitetail Lake Columbus

ATC Communications - Big Springs

ATC Communications - North Arapahoe Holbrook

Consolidated Telco, Inc. - Madrid

Consolidated Telco, Inc. - Maywood

Consolidated Telco, Inc. - Wallace

Consolidated Telecom, Inc. - Eustis

Consolidated Telephone Company - Hyannis

Consolidated Telephone Company - Mullen

Consolidated Telephone Company - Thedford

Dalton Telephone Company - Dalton

Dalton Telephone Company - Potter

Diller Telephone Company - North Ellis

Elsie Telecommunications - Elsie & Grainton

Glenwood Telecommunications - Fillmore County

Glenwood Telecommunications - Fillmore County Revised

Glenwood Telecommunications - Glenwood

Great Plains Communications - Bloomfield

Hartington Telecommunications Co. - North Star

HunTel Cablevision, Inc. - Leshara

Inventive Wireless of Nebraska, LLC - Chappell

Midstates Data Transport - Duncan

Midstates Data Transport - Duncan Lakes

Midstates Data Transport - Elgin

Midstates Data Transport - Lake Oconee

Midstates Data Transport - North Antelope County

Midstates Data Transport - Oakdale

Midstates Data Transport - Platte Center

Mobius Communications Company - Box Butte

Mobius Communications Company - Dawes County

Nebraska Central Telephone Company - Ansley

Nebraska Central Telephone Company - Arcadia

Nebraska Central Telephone Company - Burwell

Nebraska Central Telephone Company - Dannebrog

Nebraska Central Telephone Company - Rural Gibbon

Nebraska Central Telephone Company - Rural Ravenna

Nebraska Central Telephone Company - Rural Unserved with Federal Support

Nebraska Central Telephone Company - Rural Unserved with No Federal Support

Nebraska Central Telephone Company - Sargent

Northeast Nebraska Telephone Company - Emerson

Pinpoint Communications, Inc. - Gothenburg East

Pinpoint Communications, Inc. - Harlan Naponee

Pinpoint Communications, Inc. - McCook North East

Pinpoint Communications, Inc. - McCook South

Pinpoint Communications, Inc. - Nemaha County

Pinpoint Communications, Inc - North Omaha 24th Street

Pinpoint Communications, Inc. - Orleans

Pinpoint Communications, Inc. - Peru

Pinpoint Communications, Inc. - Stamford

Pinpoint Communications, Inc. - Wilsonville

Skywave Wireless, Inc. - Bancroft

Skywave Wireless, Inc. - Dodge

Skywave Wireless, Inc. - Snyder

Stanton Telecom, Inc. - Crown Rd.

Windstream Nebraska, Inc. - Ashland

Windstream Nebraska, Inc. - DeWitt

Windstream Nebraska, Inc. - Eagle

Windstream Nebraska, Inc. - Edgar

Windstream Nebraska, Inc. - Fairbury

Windstream Nebraska, Inc. - Harvard

Windstream Nebraska, Inc. - Martell

Windstream Nebraska, Inc. - Murray

Windstream Nebraska, Inc. - Nelson

Windstream Nebraska, Inc. - Plattsmouth 1 & 2

Windstream Nebraska, Inc. - Plattsmouth 29

Windstream Nebraska, Inc. - Syracuse

Windstream Nebraska, Inc. - Union

Windstream Nebraska, Inc. - Weeping Water

Windstream Nebraska, Inc. - Wymore


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