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911 Worksheets

What is the difference between lines served versus lines collected?

Companies must report total lines served when completing the worksheet, then enter any adjustment for lines that were uncollectible.  The worksheet will then calculate the number of lines collected.  If a company is taking an adjustment to their line counts, it must be explicitly stated on that line.  Companies should not enter their lines collected number in both the lines served and lines collected fields.

What are authorized adjustments to lines or revenues for 911?

Companies can take an adjustment on their worksheets for bad debt revenues or lines that were uncollectible, as applicable.  This should not be used to correct revenues or line counts reported for any prior period.

If I have an amount due or credit owed as a result of my annual remittance audit, how do I pay that in the system?

The Commission will place any credits or amounts due in the system as a result of 911 remittance audit agreed upon procedures report findings. However, the Commission reserves the right to require companies to file revised worksheets based on the exceptions reported in 3rd party agreed upon procedure reports.

How do I deduct for bad debt lines on any of the worksheets?

Use the uncollectible/adjustments line for bad debt reporting. The worksheet will use the information to calculate the total assessment due. 

How do I include lines that were only in service for a partial month?

The system will allow you to enter fractional line counts.  For example, if you have a customer that only had service for half of the billing period you may add that into your line count as .5 line count.

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