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Recreational Vehicle Consumer Information

The State of Nebraska’s Manufactured Home and Recreational Vehicle Act (Act) governs the construction of recreational vehicles.  The Act, administered by our office addresses the life and safety aspects of any recreational vehicle sold in Nebraska.  Therefore, our office will process and follow-up consumer complaints for owners of recreational vehicles that have affixed to them the Nebraska Recreational Vehicle Seal (this seal will be affixed near the main entrance of the recreational vehicle).

If the problems with your recreational vehicle was caused by the manufacturer, you may fill out the complaint form and forward it onto to this office.  However, use this process only after you believe the dealer or manufacturer have not provided you with a satisfactory response or repair.  Upon receipt of the form, our office will notify the manufacturer of your complaint.  Once this action has taken place, the manufacturer may be contacting you to schedule repair.  We encourage you to allow repair to happen.  An inspection by our office staff may or may not be necessary, and it can be requested either by you, the dealer or the manufacturer (there is no charge to you for an inspection).

You should be advised that the Act does not limit your rights as a purchaser under any contractual agreement or applicable law.  If your complaint is applicable to a contractual agreement or warranty, you may wish to obtain legal counsel and pursue the matter further.

Complaint form is to be filled out only AFTER contact has been made with the dealer or manufacturer:


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