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Service Restored to 911 Centers Impacted by Windstream Outage

Service Restored to 911 Centers Impacted By Windstream Outage

Lincoln, September 3, 2023- The Nebraska Public Service
Commission has been notified by Windstream that 911 service
disrupted by an incident at a Windstream Data Center in Lincoln has
been restored.

The outage affected some 911 centers in Southeast Nebraska who
through their local/regional network have contracted with
Windstream to provide service.

“The Commission works closely with the local 911 centers,” said
Director David Sankey, State 911 Department. “Any investigation
will look into what led to this disruption in 911 service and will focus
on available backup systems and identifying solutions moving
forward to mitigate future issues.”

Saturday night (9/2), the Commission indicated 911 centers in a
number of counties in Southeast Nebraska may have been
impacted by the disruption in service.

Information provided by Windstream indicates that around 6:30 p.m.,
Saturday they made notification of a disruption in service due to a
fire at their Lincoln facility. According to Windstream 911 service in
four counties, Adams, Gage, Otoe, and Saunders County was down.
Other counties in the Southeast region may have experienced some
disruptions in service due to the incident. Windstream technicians
worked through the night and restored service to those impacted
early Sunday morning.

Media questions regarding the outage should be directed to
Windstream at 501-580-4759. ###

Deb Collins- Communications & Media Mgr.
(402) 471-0226

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