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Rural Broadband Task Force Recommendations To Close The Gap

Rural Broadband Task Force Recommendations To Close The Gap


Rural Broadband Task Force Recommendations To Close the Gap

Lincoln, November 5, 2019 – The Nebraska Public Service
Commission (PSC) looks forward to addressing recommendations
from the recently released Rural Broadband  Task Force’s report
aimed at improving the availability  and affordability of broadband
across the state.

“Over the past year, task force members and sub-committee
volunteers dedicated themselves to providing a report that paints
a comprehensive picture of where Nebraska stands today with
broadband deployment and how it can be built out further,” said
PSC chair, Mary Ridder, task force member. “I am encouraged by
the sum total of this effort, results and by the participants.”

The report lays out recommendations in six key areas: broadband
data and mapping; alternative technologies and providers;
Nebraska Universal Service Fund (NUSF) and reverse auction;
public-private partnerships and broadband planning; Digital
inclusion, homework gap and leveraging E-Rate funding; and
broadband infrastructure funds.

Ridder said, “The report contains actionable recommendations
designed to move the state forward when it comes to broadband
deployment. I look forward to the PSC continuing  to play a key role
in our work to provide avenues to deploy this vital and critical service
to the unserved and underserved citizens in Nebraska.”

The statewide rural broadband task force was created by the
passage of LB 994 to review issues relating to the availability,
adoption and affordability of broadband services in rural areas
of Nebraska. TheRural Broadband Task Force report to the
legislature is available @  ###

Deb Collins- Media & Communications Mgr.
(402) 471-0226

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