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PSC Updates State E-Rate Program Encourages Applications

PSC Updates State E-Rate Program Encourages Applications



                             ENCOURAGES APPLICATIONS

Lincoln, October 13, 2023- The Nebraska Public Service Commission
has issued an Order (NUSF-117 P.O.1) extending the state E-Rate
Special Construction Matching Program (E-Rate program) and
increasing the state match for projects that participate in the Federal
Communications Commission’s (FCC), E-Rate Special Construction

“With today’s Order, libraries and schools in Nebraska that participate
in the federal E-Rate Special Construction program, will now have the
opportunity to install new fiber to their facilities at no cost,” said
Commission Chair Dan Watermeier.

Established in May of 2020, through NUSF-117, the PSC allocated
$1 million dollars from the Nebraska Universal Service Fund (NUSF)
for the E-Rate Special Construction Matching Fund Program to
facilitate the build-out of new fiber to Nebraska libraries and schools
participating in the FCC’s E-Rate Special Construction Program. 
The state funding was initially allocated for four years and was set
to expire at the end of 2024.

The Order (NUSF-117 P.O.1) extends the life of the state program for
an indefinite period of time. It also, removes a cap of 10 % match
from the state allocation and will instead match any remaining
eligible new fiber construction costs not already funded through the
FCC’s E-Rate Special Construction Program, not to exceed 100%
of eligible costs.

Commissioner Watermeier said, “We would encourage these entities
looking to build-out new fiber to their facilities, to participate in both
the federal and state programs so they can maximize the funding
available and get connected.”

For more information about the NUSF-117 E-Rate Special
Construction Matching Program and application process, please
visit <https://psc.nebraska.gov/telecommunications/Erate >.

Deb Collins- Communications & Media Mgr.
(402) 471-0226/ deb.collins@nebraska.gov



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