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PSC Seeks Applications for 911 Service System Advisory Committee

PSC Seeks Applications for 911 Service System Advisory Committee

For Immediate Release

                           PSC Seeks Applications for
                 911 Service System Advisory Committee


Lincoln, May 13, 2021 – The Nebraska Public Service Commission
(PSC) is accepting applications from interested Nebraskans to apply
for appointment to the 911 Service System Advisory Committee.
Applications will be accepted until Tuesday, June 1.

The Advisory Committee, created by the legislature with the passage
of LB993, makes recommendations to the Nebraska Public Service
Commission (PSC), on matters concerning the implementation,
coordination, operation, management, maintenance and funding of
the 911 Service System as the state begins the transition to Next
Generation 911.

“911 SSAC members serve a three-year term,” said David Sankey,
State 911 Director. “That means, we have a number of original
members whose terms are expiring. We are encouraging those
members who would like to continue to serve, as well as anyone
who fits one or more of these areas and has an interest in public
safety and the future of Next Generation 911 to apply.”

The 911 Service System Advisory Committee consist of 14 members
appointed by the Commission. Of the 14 members appointed, four
shall be representatives of public safety agencies, County officials or
employees (2), municipal officials or employees (2), representatives
of the telecommunications industry (2), two members of Public Safety
Answering Points (PSAPs) and one representative each from the
Nebraska Association of County Officials and the League of

Those wishing to apply will need to fill out a 911 Service System
found on Next Generation 911 page
of the PSC website by close of business June 1, 2021.

The 911 Service System Advisory Committee meets as needed.
Advisory Committee members serve for a term of three-years.
Committee members serve without pay but will receive
reimbursement for expenses related to Committee duties. A list of
current 911 SSAC members can be found on the Next Generation911
page of the PSC website..###

Deb Collins- Media & Communications Mgr.
(402) 471-0226


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