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PSC Reminds Choice Gas Customers to Choose a Provider

PSC Reminds Choice Gas Customers to Choose a Provider


                                CHOOSE A PROVIDER

Lincoln, April 16, 2024- Selection is underway for consumers served
by Black Hills Energy’s Choice Gas Program. The selection period
for residential/commercial choice customers in the Black Hills area
runs through April 24.

The Choice Gas Program, administered by Black Hills Energy
allows residential, commercial, and ag customers residing in certain
areas of the state to choose a third-party supplier to provide their
natural gas.

“Each choice customer has an opportunity to choose their natural
gas supplier,” said Nichole Mulcahy, Director PSC Natural Gas
Department. “If they make a choice, they could see a benefit by
receiving a lower price for their natural gas. Customers who don’t
make a selection, are assigned a default supplier and rate, which
may result in them paying more.”

Consumers in the areas served by the program, should have
received information from providers to help them make an informed
choice on which company they would like to be their supplier. Those
unsure if they are in an area served by the Choice Gas Program, are
encouraged to contact Black Hills Energy at 1-877-245-3506.

Mulcahy said, “We urge all customers to review their options and take
the time to make a choice.”

Information for Nebraska Choice Gas customers can be found on the
Black Hills Energy website < https://www.blackhillsenergy.com/

Additional information on the Choice Gas Program can be found on
the ConsumerChoice Program page of the PSC website. ###

Deb Collins- Communications & Media Mgr.
(402) 471-0226 / deb.collins@nebraska.gov

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