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PSC Opens A Second Round of CPF Grants

PSC Opens A Second Round of CPF Grants



Lincoln, November 7, 2023- The Nebraska Public Service
Commission approved an Order (CPF-2) opening a second
round of Capital Projects Fund (CPF) grants to bring broadband to
unserved and unserved areas of the state.The new grant cycle will
be used to award $24.3 million in remaining CPF funds for projects
falling within the 3rd Congressional District.

“This second application window is designed to utilize funds that
were not awarded during the initial round of CPF grants,” said
Commission Chair Dan Watermeier.

CPF grants are statutorily required to be awarded in Congressional
Districts One and Three. At least $40 million in grant funding was
available in each congressional district for eligible broadband projects.

During the initial 2023 grant cycle the PSC received 130 applications
for funding. Upon review of the applications and challenges received
the PSC determined 65 submissions would be funded. The projects
eligible for funding in Congressional District Three fell under the $40
million that was available, so a second grant cycle is necessary to
award those funds.

Commissioner Watermeier said, “We would encourage entities in the
3rd Congressional District to submit an application for consideration
during this additional funding window.”

Application materials, including the application forms and detailed
instructions will be made public on Monday, November 20. The
application window will open on Wednesday, December 20.
Applications will be due to the Commission on Friday, January 19,
2024, with grant awards issued on Tuesday, June 4,2024.

Application materials will be posted to the PSC website on the CPF-2
Capital Projects Fund page <
https://psc.nebraska.gov/telecommunications/ cpf-2-capital-
>.  ###                                             

Deb Collins- Communications & Media Mgr.
(402) 471-0226 / deb.collins@nebraska.gov

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