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PSC Levies Civil Penalty Against Florida Household Goods Mover

PSC Levies Civil Penalty Against Florida Household Goods Mover



Lincoln, February 22, 2023- On Wednesday, February 22, the
Nebraska Public Service Commission (PSC) issued Order
MCC-3199 sustaining a complaint against Confidant Movers,
LLC, Aventura, Florida and assessing a civil penalty of
$7,147.00 for providing intrastate household moving services
without a Nebraska license.

“The Commission has jurisdiction of intrastate household
goods movers,” said Commission Chair Dan Watermeier. “Our
investigation has determined this Florida company, came
into our state, and took advantage of one of our residents,
by performing these services in violation of Nebraska statute
and Commission rules and regulations.”

In July 2022, the PSC Motor Transportation Department
received an informal complaint against Confidant Movers,
LLC, of Aventura, Florida, for moving services provided from
Omaha to Crawford, both locations in Nebraska. The complainant
indicated a broker was used to hire Confidant Movers at a cost of
$3,010.00 to move their household goods.

The complainant then paid Confidant Movers two deposits of
$1,010 and $1,058. Another payment of $1,712.25 was also
requested by the moving company upon arrival at the complainant’s
home to complete the move. The complainant paid the extra
money and requested Confidant Movers take their items to a storage
location. The complainants’ items remained in storage for
approximately two weeks at which time, the moving company was
contacted to bring the items to the complainant’s new residence.
At that time, Confidant Movers demanded an additional $3,068.65
to be paid before they would unload the items. The move ended up
costing $7,147.00.

A formal complaint against Confidant Movers, LLC for violating, Neb.
Rev. Stat. § 75-303.03 and 75-307, and Neb. Admin. Code, Title 291,
Ch 3, by providing intrastate household moving services without a
license was filed by the director of the PSC’s Motor Transportation
Department and a show cause hearing was set for October.
Representatives of the Florida company failed appear at the October

Based on the evidence presented at the hearing, Commissioners
found that the moving company clearly and willfully violated State
statue and Commission rules and regulations, by operating without
a license to transport household goods within Nebraska.

Commissioner Watermeier said, “Let this serve as a warning to
others who look to operate outside of the Commission’s authority.
Operating without a license is a serious matter and the Commission
will do everything within its power to protect our citizens.”

The Order MCC-3199 affirms the findings and assess a civil
penalty $7,147.00. Upon receipt of the Order, Confidant Movers,
LLC, Aventura, Florida, will have 30 days to pay the penalty, or
face the possibility of further action by the Commission.

Citizens are reminded that a list of household goods movers
licensed to provide service within the state of Nebraska can be
found on the PSC website at  https://psc.nebraska.gov/
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