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PSC Issues Show Cause Order For Lincoln Bus & Limousine Service

PSC Issues Show Cause Order For Lincoln Bus & Limousine Service

PSC Issues Show Cause Order for
Lincoln Bus & Limousine Service

Lincoln, September 29, 2020 – The Nebraska Public Service
Commission (PSC) has issued an Order (B-1909) to Bus at the
Yard, d/b/a, Luxury, Limousine, Lincoln, and set a hearing date
for the company to appear before the Commission to show
cause as to why its Certificate of Public Convenience and
Necessity should not be suspend, modified or revoked. The
Commission has also notified the carrier to cease and desist
any operations.

The Show Cause Order (B-1909), follows notification to the PSC
by the carrier’s insurance company that it had canceled the
insurance policy for Bus at the Yard, d/b/a, Luxury Limousine.
Pursuant to Commission Rule 006, all carriers are required to file
documents with the Commission that show proof of current
insurance that meets the minimum insurance requirements.The
PSC Transportation Department notified the carrier by letter of
the cancelation notice and reached out the carrier numerous times
receiving no response.

“Operating such a service without the proper insurance has the
potential to result in serious consequences for all involved.,” said
Commissioner Dan Watermeier, District 1. “This carrier’s failure to
comply raises serious concerns about its fitness to provide safe and
reliable transportation services.”

A hearing date of October 13, at 10:00 a.m., was set for the carrier
to appear on the Show Cause Order. ###

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