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PSC Issues Order Denying Motion For Reconsideration

PSC Issues Order Denying Motion For Reconsideration


                             FOR RECONSIDERATION

Lincoln, March 12, 2024- The Nebraska Public Service Commission
(PSC) has issued an Order (C-5484) denying a motion by AMG
Nebraska, ISP, LLC, (AMG) for reconsideration of a Nebraska
Broadband Bridge Program (NBBP) grant awarded to another
carrier during the 2023 grant cycle.

AMG filed its motion seeking reconsideration of the Commission’s
award of an NBBP grant to another carrier in Gage County. AMG
indicated that the award granted by the PSC to Pinpoint
Communications, Inc., would overlap 23 of the 950 locations for
which Gage County had previously awarded AMG funding, resulting
in duplication of funding resources for broadband infrastructure.
AMG also indicated that it did not initially challenge the overlapping
award, based on an understanding that the Commission was made
aware of the overlap by county leadership.

“We are currently in the fourth grant cycle for the Nebraska
Broadband Bridge Program,” said Commission Chair Dan
Watermeier. “The process for challenges during a grant cycle is
not only set forth in statute but is also well defined by the
Commission. In this instance that process was not followed.”

In its Order denying the motion for reconsideration, the Commission
found that AMG did not file a challenge by the deadlines set forth for
the 2023 NBBP grant process. As such, the Commission is unable to
consider a challenge that was not filed since it was never provided
with the specific detailed information needed to determine AMG’s
ability to complete the broadband infrastructure and serve the
locations in question at the required speeds within the 18-month
deployment timeframe as required by the grant program.

Commissioner Watermeier said, “We cannot decide on a purported
challenge lacking the essential information required by statue.”

During the 2023 grant cycle the Commission received 51 applications
for funding through the NBBP. Sixteen of the applications received
were challenged. Upon review of the applications and the challenges
received through the grant process, the Commission determined 22
projects would be funded. The grants awarded were submitted by 10
providers for a total of $19,713,379.26. Projects funded through the
2023 grant cycle must be completed by July 9, 2025.

A detailed list of projects approved through the 2023 grant cycle and
funding amounts of those projects can be found on the Nebraska
Broadband Bridge Program page
of the PSC website.###

Deb Collins- Communications & Media Mgr.
(402) 471-0226 / deb.collins@nebraska.gov

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