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PSC Honors Excellence in Leadership Award Recipients

PSC Honors Excellence in Leadership Award Recipients


                     PSC HONORS EXCELLENCE IN

Lincoln, October 24, 2022 – The Nebraska Public Service
Commission (PSC) is pleased to honor Cullen Robbins,
Director PSC Telecommunications/NUSF Department and
Maria Rowan, Human Resources Specialist, as its 2022
State of Nebraska Excellence in Leadership Award recipients.

A successful leader, Robbins is held in high regard for his solid
character, seasoned expertise and authentic presence. As a director,
he invests in his staff, developing and enabling his team to achieve
greatness. Displaying a keen ability to make decisions and problem
solve under challenging and complex conditions Robbins is focused
on effective solutions and works tirelessly to provide efficient
processes and products to help ensure the highest quality of
telecommunications services for the citizens of Nebraska.

Since joining the Commission in 2021, Rowan has proven an
invaluable human resource professional for the agency. She strives
for continuous improvements in HR policies and practices and
receives constant and consistent praise from all regarding her
professionalism, character, personality and expertise.

“Cullen and Maria are genuine examples of the integrity and talent
of our team,” said PSC Executive Director Thomas Golden. “We are
pleased to be able to honor their hard work and dedication to the
Commission, the industries we regulate and the public we serve.”

A reception honoring the 2022 Nebraska Excellence in Leadership
Award recipients was held, Monday, October 24 at the Governor’s
residence. ###

Deb Collins- Media & Communications Mgr.
(402) 471-0226

Excellence in Leadership Award

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