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PSC to Hold Second Hearing in Oshkosh

PSC to Hold Second Hearing in Oshkosh


PSC to Hold Second Hearing in Oshkosh

Lincoln, July 30, 2020 – The Nebraska Public Service Commission
has issued an Order setting a second hearing date to investigate
service quality issues in the Oshkosh, Lewellen and Chappell
telephone exchanges.The hearing will be held beginning at 12:30
(MDT), on Wednesday, August 19, at the Oshkosh Auditorium,
600 W 2nd Street,Oshkosh.

On April 18, 2019, the Commission held a public hearing in Oshkosh
where it received testimony and exhibits from 12 CenturyLink
subscribers explaining various issues they had with CenturyLink
wireline service.CenturyLink also provided testimony in response
during that hearing and committed to working with the Commission
and the subscribers to resolve wireline service quality issues.

At the current time the Commission finds that a second hearing
should be held to determine whether the issues have been resolved
and whether there are any other wireline service quality issues
consumers in that community are experiencing.

Commission Chair Mary Ridder said, “We hope that by holding a
second hearing we can ensure subscriber concerns have been
answered and if not, put a plan in place so that these matters are
resolved.” ###

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(402) 471-0226

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