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PSC Denies Party Bus License For North Platte Event Center

PSC Denies Party Bus License for North Platte Event Center

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PSC Denies Party Bus License for North Platte Event Center

Lincoln, March 5, 2019 – On Tuesday, March 5, the Nebraska Public
Service Commission issued an Order denying the application of D&N
Event Center, in North Platte, seeking authority as a common carrier
in Nebraska intrastate commerce in the transportation of passengers
by bus in special party and charter service.

In issuing its’ order the Commission found the applicant unfit to
provide the proposed services citing the applicant’s failure to adhere
to the rules despite multiple warnings from the Commission about
operating without authority.

“Not only do we have trouble with the applicants managerial fitness,
we also have questions about the equipment being used,” said
Commission Chair Mary Ridder. “We have serious concerns about
which vehicles have been used to transport passengers in the North
Platte community including children and whether those vehicles were
safe during the time of transport.”

While the Commission is aware of the need that currently exists for a
premium charter and special party service, in this part of the state,
the managerial fitness and safety concerns that exist with this
application far outweigh the need for such service.  ###

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