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PSC Closes 911 Windstream Investigation Opens New Complaint

PSC Closes 911 Windstream Investigaton Opens New Complaint


                             OPENS NEW COMPLAINT

Lincoln, July 9, 2024- The Nebraska Public Service Commission has
issued an Order (911-076/PI-249) closing its investigation into three
separate 911 outages involving Windstream and opening a new
department complaint (911-078/DC-104/C-5596) against the
telecommunications carrier.

“Through our investigation we have determined that violations of
Commission regulations may have occurred,” said Commission Chair
Dan Watermeier. “The complaint, provides the Commission the ability
to hold the carrier accountable through punitive actions.”

The investigation involved three separate Windstream service
disruptions which occurred on September 2 & 3, November 28, 2023,
and January 13, 2024.  As a part of its investigation the Commission
conducted data requests, held a public hearing, and sought analysis
from an outside expert on network infrastructure specifically in the
area of 911 network requirements. The process led the Commission
to determine there is sufficient information to consider whether
violations of 291 Neb.Admin. Code §§ 5-002.02D, 5-002.03A have

“Our investigation confirmed that during the outages the ESInet and
Core Services which are key components of the Next Generation
911 system remained fully functional,” said Dave Sankey, PSC 911
Department Director. “It was the ability of the carrier to deliver the
calls to the interconnection points that was impacted.”

The department complaint process allows the Commission the
opportunity to asserts its authority under Nebraska law to issue
punitive sanctions which may include assessing administrative
fines for violation of Commission regulations. A hearing date on
the Windstream complaint has been scheduled for August 27 & 28.

Commissioner Watermeier said, “The Commission and the public
must have accountability from our telecommunications carriers in
providing a redundant system capable of delivering 911 calls no
matter the situation.”  ###

Contact: Deb Collins- Communications & Media Mgr.
(402) 471-0226 /deb.collins@nebraska.gov

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