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PSC Awards Winning Bids in 2024 Reverse Auction

PSC Awards Winning Bids in 2024 Reverse Auction




Lincoln, March 26, 2024- The Nebraska Public Service Commission
(PSC) issued an Order in docket NUSF-131 awarding nearly $21
million to winning bids for broadband buildout to more than 1,100
unserved Nebraska households as a result of its 2024 Reverse Auction. 

The 2024 reverse auction was designed to provide broadband
capable voice service to rural areas where telecommunication
carriers Frontier and Windstream have traditionally provided only
voice service by redistributing Nebraska Universal Service Fund
(NUSF) support that was either unused or withheld from the two

“We are extremely pleased with participation and outcome of the
2024 reverse auction,” said Commission Chair Dan Watermeier.
“The bids awarded will help these companies connect unserved
households in rural Nebraska.”

Bidding in the reverse auction began on January 22 with the final
round held on March 11. Four entities were ultimately awarded bids
in the reverse auction. The winning bidders consisted of Great Plains
Communications, the Hamilton Consortium, Midstates
Communications and Pinpoint Communications. More details on the
areas that were awarded bids can be found on the Commissions
broadband map at < https://broadbandmap.nebraska.gov  >.

The PSC awarded $5,726,880 of an available $5,845,893 in support
for Windstream areas and $15,235,366 of an available
$15,996,054.50 for Frontier areas.

Commissioner Watermeier said, “This process is proving to be a
valuable method in ensuring distributed NUSF funds are being used
for broadband buildout to Nebraska’s unserved areas.” 
Deb Collins- Communications & Media Mgr.
(402) 471-0226/deb.collins@nebraska.gov

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