State 911

In 2017, the E911 Department and the Next Generation 911 department came together to form the State 911 Department. The State 911 Department works to administer the long established E911 program supporting Public Safety Answering Points and communication providers. In looking toward the future of public safety, the department is actively developing an implementation plan to transition Nebraska from the legacy 911 system to Next Generation 911. Allowing for the free flow of multi-media information, Next Generation 911 will provide redundancy and resiliency to a statewide system, and dramatically improve call routing and location accuracy services for citizens needing emergency services.

Next Generation 911

Nebraska Public Service Commission

1200 N Street, Suite 300, Lincoln, NE 68508
Phone: 402-471-3101
Toll Free: 1-800-526-0017 (NE Only)
TDD: 402-471-0213
Fax: 402-471-0254

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