Certificates of Authority for Household Goods Movers

ViewName Granted Document
A & A Landscaping 4/2/13 M-14221
A Helping Hand Moving, LLC 10/2/18 M-14246
NST Holdings, LLC dba Aardvark Moving Company 8/30/16 M-14229
Able Corporation 2/28/12 M-14215
Action Movers 5/16/12 M-14214
Action Moving, Inc. 3/4/97 M-14123
Aksarben Enterprises, LLC 8/18/15 M-14232
Kwik But Careful Movers of Omaha, LLC dba All My Sons Moving & Storage 10/11/17 M-14244
American Eagle Van Lines, Inc. 1/10/17 M-14237
Black Belt Movers 11/13/14 M-14199
Paid in Full Transportation, LLC dba Black Belt Movers 9/6/17 M-14242
True Movers, LLC dba Black Belt Movers 11/7/17 M-14243
Steven Halsey dba Blair Moving 1/23/01 M-14109
Borley Moving & Storage, Inc. 8/21/95 M-13022
Buck's Moving & Storage, Inc. 1/9/95 M-13167
Chet's Transfer, Inc. 6/15/99 M-14153
CHHJ Lincoln, LLC 4/18/17 M-14239
Chieftain Van Lines, Inc. 1/9/95 M-12175
City Delivery and Moving, Inc. 12/22/98 M-14154
Cohagen Transfer & Storage Co. 1/9/95 M-12047
Coleman American Moving Services, Inc. 10/3/12 M-11631
Daniel's Moving & Storage of Omaha, LLC 11/25/13 M-14224
Dale Bierman dba Dolly Giant Movers 2/2/16 M-14219
Dudley Movers of Omaha, Inc. 1/28/97 M-14119
Firefighters on the Move, LLC 9/17/14 M-14191
Ford Brothers Van & Storage Company 7/1/97 M-14112
Ford Van Lines, Inc. 1/1/95 M-1
I-Go Van and Storage Company 1/9/95 M-106
Jim's Moving & Delivery Co., Inc. 9/1/98 M-14114
JTW Lincoln, Inc. 1/31/17 M-14238
Kerry Carpenter dba KDX Moving 5/25/16 M-14234
King's Moving 9/17/13 M-14223
Robert Landrigan 1/9/95 M-12790
Lincoln Relocation 11/2/11 M-14209
Lint Van Lines, Inc. 5/10/00 M-14159
David Tarrence, dba Local Movers 9/19/00 M-14155
Mack Moving and Storage, LLC, dba Mack Moving and Storage 7/9/02 M-14174
Mid-America Relocation, Inc. 8/6/02 M-14175
Mo's Moving 4/18/17 M-14240
Modest Movers, LLC dba Middle West Movers 11/21/11 M-14213
Monroe Moving 8/20/13 M-14222
Jeannie Murphy Matthews, dba Murphy Moving 6/30/98 M-14147
NCM Transport, Inc. dba Budget Movers 5/12/15 M-14228
Nebraska Transport Co., Inc. 8/21/95 M-11257
Nebraskaland Leasing & Associates dba Nebraskaland Moving & Storage 12/7/99 M-14105
New World Van Lines, Inc. 5/13/14 M-14226
William C. McGraw, Jr., dba R & R Delivery 8/21/95 M-12873
Red Carpet Moving, LLC 6/28/16 M-14235
Redman Van & Storage Company 7/24/18 M-14245
Roelfs Transfer, Inc. 8/21/95 M-12915
Select Van & Storage Co. 7/7/04 M-11532
Senior Moving Services, LLC 9/18/18 M-14190
Paula Shasteen dba Shasteen Transfer & Storage 7/18/00 M-14161
Smoldt Moving & Storage, Inc. 8/14/07 M-14198
James D. Peterson, dba Transfer 88 11/10/09 M-14208
JTW Omaha Movers, Inc. dba Two Men and a Truck 5/5/15 M-14231
Tymar, LLC dba Second to None Moving 11/17/15 M-14205
VonRentzell Enterprises 5/28/97 M-14134
VonRentzell Van & Storage, Inc. 1/9/95 M-13142
Western Nebraska Moving & Storage, Inc. 1/23/01 M-14162

Nebraska Public Service Commission

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