Nebraska Broadband Initiative


The Mapping process uses several tools to collect, verify, report, and map the availability, speed, and location of broadband internet access across the State of Nebraska. BroadMap, LLC is Nebraska's partner in this effort and provides services to gather, report, and map broadband data twice a year as required by the NTIA.

BroadMap has also enhanced the existing Nebraska Broadband Map which can be viewed at Nebraska Broadband Map. The same information is supplied to the NTIS for use in the National broadband map at National Broadband Map. While the two maps use the same underlying data they have a very different look and feel to them. The State Map is intended to be used as an exploratory tool by citizens that are interested in what broadband is available in their specific area, or an area they may consider relocating to. The Federal Map is more of a data analysis tool and can be used to provide a large amount of information for use in off-line analysis and evaluation.

Both maps provide users the ability to provide feedback about their experience working with the map and the quality of the information they were presented while viewing the map.

The following documents are provided for further reference.

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