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The Major Oil Pipeline Siting Program carries out the Commission’s responsibilities established in the Major Oil Pipeline Siting Act at Neb. Rev. Stat. sec. 57-1401 et seq., namely to ensure the welfare of Nebraskans, including protection of property rights, aesthetic values, and economic interests; to consider the lawful protection of Nebraska's natural resources in determining the location of routes of major oil pipelines within Nebraska; to ensure that a major oil pipeline is not constructed within Nebraska without receiving the approval of the commission under section 57-1408; to ensure that the location of routes for major oil pipelines is in compliance with Nebraska law; and to ensure that a coordinated and efficient method for the authorization of such construction is provided.

Major Oil pipeline Siting Act (MOPSA)

General Information regarding the Major Oil Pipeline Siting Authority


Information on Intervening/Protesting

Sample-Document Formal Intervention Requests

Public Comment Form for the Keystone XL Pipeline

OP-0003 Keystone XL Pipeline Application & Information

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