Filings by Party

Date Description
5/23/17 Keystone's Response to Motion for Extension
5/22/17 Motion for Extension of Time to Submit Evidence
5/5/17 Winston Entry of Appearance Sierra Club
5/5/17 Sierra Club's Cavanaugh withdraw from PSC KXL replaced by Winston with Service List
4/25/17 Motion to Appear Pro Hac Vice (UA)
4/25/17 Motion for Further Reconsideration of Hearing Officer's Order (Bold Alliance)
4/25/17 Motion to Vacate, Motion for Order Nunc Pro Tunc, Motion for Hearing En Banc (Sierra Club)
4/19/17 Motion For Admission Pro Hac Vice (TransCanada)
4/12/17 Application for Pro Hac Vice Admission (Yankton Sioux Tribe)
4/12/17 Motion to Reconsider Order on Formal Intervention Petitions and Support for Other Parties' Motions to Reconsider
4/11/17 Kimberly Craven's Motion For Reconsideration of the Hearing Officer's Order
4/11/17 Consolidated Motion For Reconsideration of the Commission's Order on Formal Intervention and Memorandum in Support of Motion (Yankton Sioux Tribe)
4/10/17 Bold Alliance's Motion for Continuance of Planning Conference and Reconsideration of Hearing Officer's Order
4/10/17 Motion to Reconsider Order of March 31, 2017, and Set For Hearing (Sierra Club)
4/6/17 Motion to Appear Pro Hac Vice (IBEW Local 265)
4/6/17 Motion to Appear Pro Hac Vice(LiUNA)
4/4/17 1st Amended Petition of Formal Intervention By Certain Nebraska Landowners With Real Estate on Proposed Pipeline Route Described in TransCanada Keystone Pipeline LP Application No. OP-0003
3/30/17 TransCanada Motion to Deny and Objections to Petitions of Intervention

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